July 26, 1998
Did sound at CITR (101.9 fm Vancouver) on thursday night for the Disgusteens, a local Vancouver band.  The guitarist used to be from Kamloops BC and brought in some old 7 inches including the 1986 release by my friends Desperate Minds (Sean Chikara from Red Sugar).  It was fun to hear "Do You Remember" again.  Disgusteens are basic punk rock with nice vocals that sometimes don't project well over the band.  I do like the singers voice, it just doesn't always work well with a fast tempo.  He is capable of some aggresive singing and when he does sing this way, the whole band sounds better.  The DJ's from the "Slippery Slot" show (every second thursday at 11:00 pm) are taking over the host position from worldly infamous Nardwuar the Human Serviette.

Went to the Satsuma and Pepper Sands show at Cafe Deux Soleils on Friday.  Pepper Sands proved that I don't know what I am talking about sometimes or that my opinion changes with my mood.  I didn't find them overly indy, but I wasn't as totally into them as I was at the good jacket gig a couple of weeks ago.  I still think they are great and have a lot of potential.  Vocal harmonies are my favourite.

Satsuma lived up to my expectation that I'd like to see this group more.  A few sounds especially stood out, again when they go for those weirdo sounds mixed with great vocals.  I here they might be playing with A Taste of Joy somewhere on August 1 (per Corin from a Taste of Joy)  Taste of Joy kicks severely in the Harmony department.