July 19, 1998
Saw Satsuma at the Marine club here in Vancouver Canada on Saturday.  Their sound combines almost eighties rock with new fangled toys of the nineties.  The song writing is often bordering on superb.  I like it best when the songs have some weirdo sound I've not heard too often, but they still stand up on an acoustic.  Satsuma achieves this frequently.  Thanks for the great show.  The singer is rumoured to have been in some Nettwerk records group in the late eighties.  They will be playing again at Cafe Deux Soleils, 2096 Commercial Dr, Vancouver BC on July 24 with Pepper Sands.

I saw Pepper Sands last week at The Good Jacket.  While not as developed in the original sense as Satsuma, they are moving in that direction.  A little less indie rock in their sound would go a long way to making them the awesome group I know they will become.

I recently did sound for Clover Honey at CITR radio on the Thunderbird Radio Hell show.  Excellent drumming, proficient singing and harmonizing combined with some good songs.  Lots of potential.  Kind of gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling of innocence.  I like their instrumentals.  They were a little shy at the gig at the Picadilly on Wednesdsay.  They should be more spastic (as they complained they were after the show at CITR).